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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple is Perfect

Not long ago I bought Nokia C1-01, I want to have a simple mobile phone, which can only be used sms and phone. Not long after buying Nokia C1-01, I read an article on the internet about some of the endurance test of a cell phone on the market by MikroPC Magazine (PCWorld Finland). And it turns out Nokia c1-01 became one of the mobile phone hold it in -40 Celsius temperatures. Also quite proud that I have a cell phone turned out to be one of a best mobile phone.

Nokia designed it with a simple because the phone is made for low end market. But precisely because it is designed with simple, the components become less problematic. Nokia C1-01 is equipped with several features VGA quality camera,then the speaker out,
radio facilities and music player. The menu is attached is also very simple.

It is just like the article that I wrote, about the C-series Honda engines are simple and so legendary. Simple is Perfect!

There are some problems, especially in Indonesia, for the SIM card from Telkomsel provider problematic in Nokia C1-01, which can not receive SMS, I've changed many times sms center number (+6281100000), but failed. Hopefully Nokia Indonesia has a solution for this problem, because if you use a SIM Card that is not of Telkomsel, the problem does not occur. May need to upgrade software or a particular setting that I might not know.

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