The Way Of Life: Run-time error '20553' "Invalid parameter field name"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Run-time error '20553' "Invalid parameter field name"

If you've had an error "Run-time error '20553 'while creating a report using crystal report, may following my experience can help you.
This error appear because parameter fields in the file. RPT, is not equal as the field that you code
in visual basic.

Let see the following code in visual basic:"_user""_reportname""_period"

But in the file. rpt, you have not added the parameter fields, it will display the error "Run-time error '20553 ' Invalid parameter field name

The solution is, add a parameter field in the file. rpt in crystal report, as shown below:



In this article, I covered how to work with ParameterFields in CrystalReports technology. You can apply this technique to your own business case. Have Fun Guys!

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