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Monday, August 20, 2012


The battery? Yes, that is the biggest problem with smartphones of all models. With a lot of apps dan many features of smartphone that thirst for battery power. Right now the battery technology is far outpatching improvement than smatphone technology.If you play with your smartphone all day, your smartphone battery will be ran out before one day.
One from many solution is the battery pack, this solution may meet your expectation. For the example PowerSkin, Mophie Juice Pack Air, Mili Power Skin. Here's so many features for PowerSkins:

PowerSkin are silicon case with build-in battery pack. It's made with soft and durable silicon rubber. PowerSkin works witl almost big brand and model smartphones. PowerSkin case, typically will add 8 mm of thickness your smartphones.
When your smartphones and PowerSkin charge together, your smartphone come first and then your PowerSkin. It takes 3-4 hours to full charge your PowerSkins and 6 hours if you charge together with your smartphone.

When you using smartphone with PowerSkin, your PoweSkin battery drains first. One of the benefits of PowerSkin is that its has the capacity to turn on your smartphone if the internal battery is dead. PowerSkin has 4 LED indicator, 1 LED light = 25%, 2 LED light = 50 %, 3 LED light = 75%, 4 LED light = 100% or full charge.
If the PowerSkin turn on, it will charge your smartphones constantly, because even when your smartphone is not in use, it is draining power.

PowerSkin has cool logo, :-)

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