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Friday, May 18, 2012

Visual Basic - JSON

One time, I was asked by one of the customers, "Budy, Can I run a program that you created from my house (but the database server is in her office) ?", My answer is "Yes, if the internet speed is fast enough!"
"If I was in America,
Can I (her daugther lived in USA) ?" "Yes, You can" I replied. I talk to myself that with a Desktop Application that was built with Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server as Database Server using ADO Connection, it would be very hard to run through the Internet.  
The first solution  is to create a Web Based application that can be accessed from anywhere. But it requires me to create code from scratch and it takes a very long time. I was thinking how to combine the advantages of Web Applications and Desktop Application, one of which is to use SOAP. But when I was building an Android application, the answer is JSON. Yes, with JSON you can create desktop applications that can access the database from anywhere in the world with internet network, and is much faster because it uses a web service. So when you connect with your local network you can use a standard connection such as ADO, and when you are traveling abroad you can still access the database via JSON with DESKTOP application. It's like "hybrid system" that can run with two different "engine". Here's my video show how JSON connect to Microsoft SQL Server , i've used Sierra Modem to create internet connection.

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