The Way Of Life: Send Keys to Microsoft Excel

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Send Keys to Microsoft Excel

When  I was editing Ms Excel file, which requires me to edit some  column by requiring pressing the F2  +  Enter . Because the column consists of thousands of rows .Finally I decided to make a simple program from Visual Basic to help my work, the program is the Send Keys ver 1.0, I also include the source code that can be downloaded here, you can modify to be more perfect.  This program help us to automatically press keyboard many times as needed,so we do not have to do a boring job for the same thing many times. How to use this program? Firt select first key  for example is F2 key, then select  delay between the second key  (the unit is milliseconds, it mean  if you want to create a delay  1 second, you must type 1000, if you want to create a delay  0.5 seconds, you must type  500). Then select the second key, and type  number of times to repeat, then press the Start button, the program will automatically minimize within 2 seconds, then will start working in 5 seconds, meaning that within 5 seconds you should be ready to put the cursor in your excel file. Very simple and easy isn't? Good Luck!

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