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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Update Antivirus Download

Antivirus is a type of software that is used to detect and remove computer viruses from the computer system. Also called Virus Protection Software. This application can determine whether a computer system has been infected with a virus or not. Generally, the software is running in the background (background) and make scanning of all files that are accessed (opened, modified, or when stored). Most antivirus software works by several methods, such as below:

* Detection using a virus signature database (database of virus signatures): How the antivirus software that is the approach used by traditional antivirus software, the search for signs of the presence of the virus by using a small part of the code of the virus has been analyzed by antivirus vendor, and has dikatalogisasi accordance with the type, size, power and destroyed several other categories. This method is fast and reliable for detecting viruses that have been analyzed by antivirus vendor, but can not detect the virus until a new database that a new virus signature installed in the system. The database virus signatures can be obtained from the antivirus vendor, and generally can be obtained for free via download or by subscription (subscription).
* Pendeteksian to see how the virus works: The work such as antivirus software, which is an approach borrowed from the new technology is applied in the Intrusion Detection System (IDS). This is often referred to as Behavior-blocking detection. How to use this policy (policy) that must be applied to detect the presence of a virus. If there is software that behavior "not fair" according to a policy that is applied, such as software that tries to access the address book to send e-mail in bulk to the list of e-mail that is in the address book it (this way is often used by the virus to transmit the virus through e-mail), the antivirus software will stop the process undertaken by the software. Antivirus software can also isolate code that the virus suspected as the administrator to determine what to do next. The advantage of this is the way antivirus software can detect the viruses that have not been identified by the virus signature database. Drawbacks, because clearly monitor how antivirus software works as a whole (not monitor file), then the antivirus software often make false alarms or "False Alarm" (if antivirus software configuration is too "hard"), or even allow the virus to berkembangbiak in the system (if antivirus configuration is too "soft"), the false positive. Some manufacturers call this technique as a heuristic scanning.

Antivirus software that uses Behavior-blocking detection of this amount is still small, but in the future, most likely will use all the antivirus software this way. Some antivirus software also uses two methods above in at once.

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