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Sunday, July 15, 2007

iPhone Phenomenon

Is nice to see a lot of feature on iPhone, iPhone created by Apple Corp as new gadget which lead market. Everytime Apple Corp released new product, their product like jump the era, and there is no product as unique as product of Apple Corp. Their Product always lead market, and its it burst the market. One who very having an effect on at the opposite of product - product of Apple is Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple Corp

Steve Jobs have been dismissed from Apple Corp, the company which he build. Will very hearting once to a Steve Jobs, however him continue to struggle, making NEXT operating system, later;then make Pixar Corp, first animation company world. And finally re-trusted to Apple Corp. Its second arrival awaken Apple Corp from ‘death’ .He love Apple Corp so much, that is why he can created masterpiece product on Apple Corporation.

A Good Hospital Management Information System application also born from someone love at its work, they work with heart, not with condition of stress. Its result will far differ, you earn to feel by yourself application which is easy to be operated, stabilize which born from someone hand loving its jobs.


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