The Way Of Life: Herbal Medicine (Jamu) for Chicken

Monday, December 01, 2008

Herbal Medicine (Jamu) for Chicken

Jamu is not the case for the new Indonesia. Jamu is a traditional ingredient of growth - plants, drugs and other organic material. Jamu drink for health who drink it. So with the herbal medicine, health, more awake and not easily hurt. If herbal medicine is usually drunk by humans, the herbal medicine can also be consumed for the chicken. Jamu chicken is also made from natural materials / organic , such as betel leaves, ginger, kencur, turmeric and garlic grow - plants, other drugs. There are many herbal medicine researcher for chicken, one of the herbal medicine researcher is chicken YC Soenardi a Chief of Badan Penyuluh Pertanian District Tayu Kulon, Pati, Central Java,Indonesia that have been found receipe of Jamu Chicken adequate and complete. Jamu chicken he consumed for broilers which he raised. In addition to maintaining the health and quality of broiler. Jamu chicken can also prevent the disease poultry disease that is quite scandalize Bird Flu / Avian Flu (H5N1). Jamu chicken can be a preventive medicine of Bird Flu is very profitable poultry farmers. Fear business broiler roll mats will be lost with the Jamu Chicken regularly. Also with the material - natural in the Jamu Chicken, no side effects from the Jamu Chicken. Broiler at this time may be consumed by many people, with the quality of the Jamu Chicken meat will be far more healthy to be consumed by the buyer. And if at any time for such as KFC Franchise, CFC, Wendy's and more standardization to a more detail to the chicken they buy Jamu of Chicken can be the answer to the quality of the perfect chicken. Any posts from above, in fact our country is very rich in natural resources useful to ensure all our health. Therefore, let's try to keep natural resources in this beloved. You can consult with Mr. YC Soenardi (+62) 81 2250 6621

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